Team StrengthTeam strength

        SunFeng people know that only by deeply understanding the needs of customers and satisfying them as much as possible is the prerequisite for us to continue to grow and develop. Therefore, all employees of Qifeng Company will have the highest work efficiency, the fastest response time and the most Dedicated professional standards, and comprehensively optimize customer requirements from product development, raw material procurement, quality control, and production mode。

        Haofeng has a team of engineers with rich professional knowledge, adhering to the "customer first, quality first" philosophy, based on a full understanding of customer needs, the team of professional engineers using advanced professional software to meet customer needs Comprehensive optimization。

        Haofeng Machinery will become the most ideal, most reliable and most reliable partner。

        Team Strength

        QualityQuality assurance

        The establishment of a quality management system:

        1) The company establishes a quality management system in accordance with the relevant standards of ISO9001 and conducts certification.

        2) The business department and functional departments can assume the corresponding responsibilities of the quality management system according to or in accordance with relevant requirements, and simply and effectively establish relevant documents and implement them effectively.

        3) Take advantage of the comprehensive quality of ISO quality management system, and combine the actual situation of the company and the business department to achieve comprehensive, rational, effective and operability;

        Management and analysis methods introduced by quality management:

        1) The five elements of people, machines, materials, methods, and environment (people, machines, objects, laws, rings),

        2) PDCA (Dai Ming Theory), planning, implementation, inspection and processing,

        3) Improve the level of operators, ensure equipment accuracy, quality of raw materials, improve process methods, improve work environment, and continue to summarize in practice, develop improvement plans, implement implementation, check in process, then process summary, re-plan, and then Implementation, re-inspection, quality improvement process cycle, and continuous improvement of product and service quality.

        Machine 11,12 landing boring

        10 machine

        No. 1 machine

        No. 2 machine

        13 machine

        CNC flame cutting machine

        Radial drilling machine

        Large vertical lathe

        Full range of inspection tools

        Three coordinate test room


        Leica laser tracker

        Complete CutterThe cutting tool

        In order to provide customers with quality services to the greatest extent, Haofeng has established a strict management system, which eliminates all factors affecting product quality and production cycle from the source。Haofeng company has a professional material management system, which can serve the first line of production with the fastest response speed to the greatest extent。

        Qifeng's tool warehouse has a wealth of professional management staff, able to produce all kinds of non-standard tools according to customer needs in the fastest cycle to meet the needs of production scale, and provide favorable support to meet customer needs。

        Complete Cutter

        CertificateThe patent certificate

        Employee skills certificateEmployee skills certificate